About Us

This is the part of the sigregforwebte where I’m supposed to talk about how great I am in third person. That seems to be the way it goes with every other professional web site. I won’t do that, but I will tell you what you really want to know, which is why you should come here instead of any of the other available choices. In order to do that I’ll have to humbly brag about some of my achievements in the industry, but this is the stuff you need to know, so that’s what I’m going to do. Fair enough?

First off, this is my second career. I went back to school finally knowing what I wanted to do, and when I did that I did it with intensity. In over three years of coursework I missed less than three hours total. I sat on the front row. I was in the top ten in my class (they didn’t tell us our class rank, but there were only ten of us with cum laude or better, so it was easy to figure out). They say nobody ever asks how you did in school, but now you know. I did really well.

In chiropractic college there is an award given to one graduate of each class called The Clinical Excellence Award. Its name makes it fairly obvious what it’s about, and I was the winner. It was an honor. Before I graduated I did an internship with Dr. Don Murphy at the Rhode Island Spine Center just outside of Providence, where I got to see Dr. Murphy work up patients who were referred in from orthopedists and neurosurgeons. Situations that weren’t quite surgical cases, but needed expert guidance. Dr. Murphy is well known in the academic settings of chiropractic because he publishes a lot of papers that one reads as a student.

At Palmer-Florida, where I attended chiropractic college (don’t worry–I’m a Texan by birth!), we had to practically memorize a paper written by Dr. Murphy that details how to diagnose back and neck pain. For three months straight I got to see the man himself work up some of the most complicated cases to ever set foot in a chiropractic clinic. The experience was invaluable in my becoming a real diagnostician of spine pain.

Not only did I do my internship with Dr. Murphy, I was also published as a co-author with him in Spine, which is arguably one of the most prestigious orthopedic journals in the world for spine disorders. It’s exceedingly rare for a chiropractor to be published in Spine. It’s very likely that I’m the only chiropractor in Texas who can make the claim (although I don’t know that for sure).

Something that many “chiropractic veterans” want to know is how do I adjust, what techniques do I use, and that kind of thing. I use a process called “motion palpation” to determine restrictions in the spine that need to be adjusted (which is the chiropractic term for spinal manipulation). After determining what needs to be adjusted I use a variety of techniques to get the job done, from Gonstead to Diversified. I also use Flexion/Distraction.

But I’m not just here to “crack your back.” I’m here to figure out what’s causing your problem, explain it to you, and help walk you through it. There is almost always some home care exercises or stretches you can do, and I will talk to you about that kind of thing. There is often soft tissue work that needs to be done, and I do that here, too. Joint dysfunction often leads to muscles getting over-reactive, which can lead to further symptoms. I want to help you with everything causing your pain, not just the easiest stuff to treat.

To be more well-rounded as a doctor I do my best to keep up with the current literature, especially surrounding nutrition, exercise, and pain. I can give you cutting edge advice and information on those topics. I even recently published a book (December of 2014) on exercise and weight loss, which you can read about in the side-bar to the left. Insurance, unfortunately, won’t pay for consulting conversations along those lines, so the book is my answer to that need for a price that’s much less than my hourly rate. It hit best-seller status on Amazon under the “Men’s Health” category, which is great, but what’s better is the fact that it’s already helped quite a few people (females included) turn their lives around when it comes to fitness and weight loss.

Finally, you should see me because I try really hard to follow the Golden Rule when it comes to how I treat patients. I treat you like I’d want to be treated. How I’d want my wife to be treated if she were to go to another doctor. We strive to keep wait times low in the lobby, and the number of treatment sessions here are often half of what they would be at other chiropractic clinics. I’m really proud of that. I live in Oak Forest and have sought  to be the “neighborhood guy” who people don’t have to think twice about seeing for everything from the occasional tweak to full blown rehab after an auto accident.

If there’s something I failed to mention, or more you want to know, email the site. All the emails come straight to me, and I respond to everything that people send in. I’m here to help, and I welcome your questions.

Thanks for reading.

Doc G.