Class IV Laser Therapy

If you have a focused point of pain such as bursitis, tendonitis, or plantar fasciitis we may have the solution. Hello, Doc G here. I want to tell you the story about how class IV laser has helped me personally.

In early 2015 I hurt my right shoulder doing something stupid in the gym. We’ll skip those details, but the problem with me having a hurt shoulder is that I have to use my shoulder all day long doing the manual therapies common to this profession. Specifically, manipulation of the low back uses a lot of shoulder “oomph.”

And it just wasn’t getting better. The cumulative stress of the job was adding up faster that the rate of repair.

I pride myself on being “evidence-based” in the way I practice. I had been reading and researching the efficacy of class IV lasers for a couple of years, but was reluctant to pull the trigger on one for several reasons. For one, I wanted to see more research. Also, lasers are SUPER EXPENSIVE. I didn’t want to make the investment until I was sure it was money well spent.

As it turns out, the last year or so has been really fruitful on the research front. Specifically, one paper on lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow), and another on plantar fasciitis showed that laser treatment should now be considered the treatment of choice for these injuries.

Anyway–back to my shoulder. I contacted LiteCure, who is one of the preeminent companies doing laser research and making therapeutic lasers. I had an in-office demo, which was scheduled at the last possible minute. I didn’t have any patients in the building at the time of the demo. We were at lunch. So I volunteered to have my shoulder treated. I didn’t have much confidence that one treatment would really help that much. Frankly, I was starting to worry if I was going to need surgery.

And then the next day I woke up. Sleeping on my “bad” shoulder. With zero pain.

Then I came to the office and treated patients all day. We saw 23 people that day, which is average. My shoulder got lots of use. Only a tiny tweak by the end of the day.

So I bought the laser. It’s here, ready to use right now. We’re already accumulating testimonials.

Laser achilles tendon

There are only a few of these units in the city. One resides at the Houston Texan’s training facility.

The best part? The process itself is painless. You feel nothing but a soothing warmth during treatment. But what’s going on inside your tissues for the 48 hours following can be miraculous.



Here’s a short video that discusses how the laser works.

If you’ve been nursing an injury and hoping it would fix itself, you should know they often don’t. The problem with connective tissue injuries is that those tissues don’t have much of a direct blood supply. Blood is needed to get tissues to heal. Often the cumulative stress of daily activities creates a situation where the micro-traumas occur faster than the tissue’s ability to heal, especially after an initial injury.

Say you have tendinitis in your elbow that started with a minor injury. Often these problems don’t resolve because of the daily use the tendon gets while going through the motions of life. Grip strength is affected. Life gets more complicated as you avoid doing things that you usually do every day.

The laser works by increasing the speed of healing by increasing the supply of fuel your cells use to do everything they do, including the repair of injuries. The rate of repair can then exceed the rate of micro-trauma. Your pain goes away, even after other soft tissue interventions have failed. Not everyone is a candidate for treatment, but we’re happy to schedule a free consultation to determine if you qualify. We’ll do one free session as a part of the consultation and let you make your decision from there. No pressure–we only want people to spend the money who will see the benefit. We offer packages for a discounted rate as well as single sessions. 832-203-5884.