Helpful Videos

Can’t remember how to do that Brügger? Need a reminder for the “extension exercises” we talked about? Scroll on down until you see what applies to your situation (based on what we talked about in the office). When in doubt email or call and we’ll set you on the right path.

First up is the disc talk–this should summarize everything we talked about in the office if you have disc pain:

The Brügger (the posture exercise you should do at work):

Next, posture relief for back pain when caused by disc:

Followed by further progressions for disc pain:

If you have disc pain, be careful about standing from a seated position:

And please–stop trying to stretch your hamstrings when you have disc pain:

Stay away from sit-ups and crunches too:

Next, the bird dog (the easy version):

And finally, how to actually stretch your hip flexors, by Dean Somerset: