Massage Therapy

Back and neck pain –the two biggest reasons people come here—are often (usually, in fact), multifactorial problems. The tissues most likely to be the troublemakers are joint, muscle, fascia, nerve, and/or disc.

Joint manipulation, as the name might suggest, is great for treating dysfunctional joints. We use plenty of other techniques for those other tissues. But it takes experience and expertise to truly work well with the one tissue from that list you may have never heard of: fascia.

Fascia is the connective tissue that wraps around your muscles and allows them to glide over one another and underneath your skin. It was once thought that fascia was like the Saran Wrap of the musculoskeletal system and encased your muscles without being all that biologically active. We now know that that’s not the case. Fascia thickens in response to postural abnormalities. It can be warped or develop adhesions because of trauma. It can be a driver of pain that eludes detection from many doctors or therapists. And it’s certainly not an inert tissue.

If fascia and/or muscle is the pain generator bringing you down, you need an expert. A pro. Enter, Dane.


Dane is not only a fine musician, he’s a gifted massage therapist. He’s been at the massage game now for 12 years, which is exceedingly rare for massage therapists–he’s even taught continuing education for other therapists and taught at a massage school.

Often, patients need a combination of joint manipulation, exercise, and soft tissue work. We are your one stop shopping location.

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