The following resources are items that Dr. Green routinely mentions, suggests, or uses himself in practice. All of the following are links to Amazon, so if you have Ad Blocker turned on they won’t show up.


back_mechanicIf you have disc pain or any chronic back pain, you owe it to yourself to read The Back Mechanic by Stu McGill. Dr. McGill is the world’s foremost authority on back pain and what causes it. This particular book is written for a lay audience.





deflame_bookChronic inflammation could be the reason for your pain. Change your inflammatory load, change your pain, and health, for the better. I highly recommend Dr. David Seaman’s The DeFlame Diet.






jenie rubNot a day goes by where someone doesn’t ask where to get the Jeanie Rub. The answer is Amazon, and this is the exact same model we use at Green Chiropractic. Partner to use it on you not included!




indexIf you’ve been diagnosed with disc pain in the lumbar spine (lower back), this book, which is really more of a thick pamphlet than an actual book, will give you practical tips and advice to help you help yourself recover more quickly.







treat your own neckWhat’s true forĀ  the low back is also true for the neck, and this is the version for that specific region of the spine.








red flex barIf you’re being treated for lateral epicondylitis (that is to say, tennis elbow), the Theraband FlexBar is a great rehab tool to get you back to having a pain free grip again. The red bar is the recommended size for most people. On occasion, someone with big hands and exceptionally strong arms will need the blue one. Exceptionally intense cases will often need to start with the green one and work up from there.



green flex barIf in doubt be sure to ask Dr. Green for his recommendation about the size for your particular situation.




blue flex barThe blue bar–for bigger hands and stronger forearms.




And for reference, here’s the video of the form used for tennis elbow: