Second Opinions

A service we offer at Green Chiropractic is a second opinion. It is our experience that many of the common injuries that present in chiropractic clinics can be treated successfully in as little as six total treatment sessions.

That’s not to say that your particular problem couldn’t take longer to treat. Certain issues such as traumas from auto accidents or falls will obviously take longer to treat successfully than a “crick” in the neck you woke up with on Sunday morning.

But if you’ve been told that your issue will take months to treat because of “degeneration” or some other finding from an x-ray, you may want a second opinion. The fact is that there’s not much correlation between degeneration (which happens to everyone), and pain.

Even acute disc pain/herniation can respond quickly to care–we frequently have patients with disc herniation (that’s been confirmed with MRI) get out of pain in just a few weeks. Even if they’d been in pain for months. The key to all of this is empowering patients with the tools they need to help themselves more quickly. With almost all back and neck pain situations, there are movements and exercises to either embrace or avoid.

Our strategy here is to develop a working diagnosis, explain the implications of that diagnosis to the patient, and start a conservative course of treatment. We walk through your situation with you. We don’t demand you comply to some form of contractual agreement to finish your care plan. It’s important to note that insurance companies do expect a plan. But it’s also important to be flexible with people as they work through that plan.

The way a second opinion works is simple. You schedule an exam, but state that you just want the exam and not treatment. Doc G. will perform the exam and tell you what his recommendations are for treatment. You make up your mind from there. No pressure.

Give us a call at 832-203-5884 to set something up.