Therapeutic Exercise

Therapeutic Exercise

At Green Chiropractic we believe that exercise is a vital component to everyone’s health. That being said, our first priority when a new patient comes to us is pain control. To that end we utilize modalities such as chiropractic manipulation, electric muscle stimulation, and different nutritional supplementation protocols.

It should be understood from the outset that movement it paramount to overcoming pain, and that it is often necessary to use graded exposure to certain movements or exercises to get you back into the game of life. By “graded exposure” we mean pushing you slightly beyond what you think you can do in order to prove that you can, in fact, do it. Whatever it is.

Here, exercises usually consist of well known (at least in rehab circles) exercises that will reengage your core, protect your back and neck, and generally will require very little specialized equipment so you can practice at home between treatment sessions. These exercises aren’t used in a cookie cutter way, we will work with you to determine your tolerance to different movements, but we also make a concerted effort to stick to the exercises that have shown to be of the most benefit in a rehab setting. The goal is to be as simple as we can be without being too simple.

In the case of certain back and neck disorders there are often movements that when done with repetition can ease your symptoms. Conversely, there can be certain movements to avoid, especially when the intervertebral disc is the culprit in causing your pain. Often these movements are counter-intuitive.

At the end of the day we believe that the most important thing we can do is give you the tools to help you heal yourself. That’s what all of our version of therapeutic exercises are designed to do.

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