What we mean by “short term”

In our experience, most back and neck pain issues resolve fairly quickly when properly diagnosed. We often hear tales of “3 months to a year” treatment plans based on “degenerative changes” on an x-ray. The reality is that degeneration and pain are not closely correlated in the literature.

When it comes to problems even as severe as disc injuries, a little education about self-care goes a long way. Many of our patients who come in with acute injuries are better within a few treatment sessions. Some take a little longer, such as in trauma cases like auto accidents. Our main goal with everyone, though, is to get them out of pain as quickly as possible.

What “short term” does not mean is that you aren’t allowed to come in for the occasional maintenance treatment. There is some evidence in the literature that the treatment that helped you get out of pain can also help keep you that way. You just won’t be pressured into doing so.